Image credit: Spotify

A new playlist tool has just dropped for making party playlists on the night.

One of the most important things at a good party is a good playlist. But that’s a lot of power for just one person, sometimes it’s nice to share the love and get everyone involved.

Collaborative playlists have long been a thing on Spotify, but you need to prepare; start building the playlist in advance so that it’s ready for when you press play.

Now, you can build your playlist on the night as you’re all grooving along to it. Spotify have launched Jam, a real-time playlist that lets you collaborate on the soundtrack for the night as the evening progresses.

Premium users can start a Jam and invite anyone to join. Invite your party-goers to the playlist and you can all add songs to the queue in real-time. Everyone taking part will be able to see who added tracks, so choose wisely!

Premium listeners can ‘Start a jam’ on any playlist or song that they want to kick the party off with by clicking the speaker icon or the three dot menu. You can also choose which device to play on.

Free users will be able to join if they’re on shared Wi-Fi, whilst Premium users seem to be able to join from anywhere via invite. There are three methods of invitation to join your Jam:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth, then tap your phones together
  2. Have your friends scan the QR code on your host screen
  3. Hit “share” to send the link through social, text, SMS, and more

The host of the Jam can select who does and doesn’t have access to the Jam, so you need to hope they like your choices. They can also change the order of the queue and remove songs if they don’t like it.

The feature seems to be an upgraded version of the Group Sessions playlists. Jam now allows more than five select users to get involved and features more advanced features, though it seems that it is also built to prioritise Premium users.

Spotify revealed some fun stats alongside their launch of Jam showing how music has been bringing us together on Spotify over the years. Over 45 million Blends have been created to combine the tastes of listeners, and over 200 million hours of collaborative playlists have been listened to.