Castion, under label Bass House Music (distributing through RouteNote), gets his songs and face on Soundtrack by Twitch’s HypePls playlist.

Twitch’s licensed music library for creators to use in their live streams, Soundtrack by Twitch, features the Spanish DJ and electronic music producer. Castion is the new cover of HypePls, the playlist to “Kick your stream into high gear with these exhilarating electronic bangers.” The 50 songs playlist also features three of Castion’s hits, “Prophecy”, “Take Me Higher” with Crusy, and “History (Castion Remix)” by Asketa & Natan Chaim, and Ni/Co.

Castion isn’t the first RouteNote artist/label who has landed the featured spot on one of Twitch’s playlists. Past additions include Ducka Shan, Arc North and ZOOTAH. Much like Spotify’s editorial playlists, getting your tracks on one of Twitch’s playlists can be a huge boost in streams, with potentially millions of viewers hearing your song in the next big stream.

Find HypePls on Soundtrack by Twitch here, or listen on Spotify below.

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