A new report claims there’s another player that could be larger than both Spotify and Apple for podcasts in the U.S.

Back in November, Spotify claimed to take Apple Podcasts’ lead as the most popular podcast platform in the U.S. “Spotify is now the #1 podcast platform U.S. listeners use the most, according to Edison Research and our own internal data”.

The new report comes from U.S. radio group Cumulus Media and research firm Signal Hill Insights. The survey asks listeners what platform they use the most for podcasts. 24.2% report using YouTube, while 23.8% use Spotify and Apple Podcasts come in at 16%. These three platforms currently account for 64% of podcast listening in the U.S, up from 55% in 2019. Of course, being survey-based, this isn’t an exact science, as neither Spotify or Apple release public podcast statistics, plus defining what is and what isn’t a podcast on YouTube would be tricky (i.e. podcast clips?).

How YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts stack up
Image Credit: Cumulus Media and Signal Hill

Forgotten perhaps as they don’t have a podcast app or feature per se. Rather, the survey suggests millions of casual podcast lovers head to YouTube to watch podcast videos. Whether there’s a video of the presenting chatting or just a static cover image, many have the video on in the background while going about their day.

Watching or listening to podcasts on YouTube
Image Credit: Cumulus Media and Signal Hill