NUSofting Echobis: granualize your delay

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NUSofting’s Echobis is a polyrhythmic delay plugin for building rhythmic atmospheres. Whether on drum loops or melody lines or one-shots, fresh new grooves await your music and your audience.

NUSofting Echobis

You can mix, pan, or cross-fade its two delay processors (both with their own feedback processors) for giant time-based modulation inside NUSofting Echobis. Furthermore, you can apply quick settings in milliseconds or sync both processors to your tempo (time divisions up to 1/32 to 32/32 or 1/24 to 24/24).

You can determine the volume of both delay processors with two amplitude envelopes and freely adjust the pitch with pitch modulators. Two granualizers and filter pairs sit in the feedback signal path, so you can add a lot of spice to the sound whilst controlling what frequencies the spice dominates in the mix. You can adjust the rate of the granualizers to taste too.

Both the amplitude and pitch modulators perform relative to the audio input. As a result, the modulators accurately follow the input level while keeping the pitch modulations in sync with the echo repeats. The modulators are inside the feedback loop, making for a deeper and deeper sound per feedback cycle.

NUSofting Echobis features two delay processors that you can mix, pan, or cross fade together. You can sync the delay to your DAW tempo with time divisions up to 32/32 or 24/24 or manipulate the delay via milliseconds.

Two amplitude and pitch modulators sit inside the feedback loop, as do the granualizers and filters.

Additional processors include a compressor, an analog style drift flutter and cross-feedback.
Image Credit: NUSofting

Additional processors include a compressor, an analog style drift flutter and cross-feedback. You’ll also receive 83 factory presets to play with.

You can change the size of the user interface, and it features two peak meters for monitoring the level of your outputs.
And you can apply additional GUI themes or just make your own!

Price and availability

Echobis is now available at an introductory price of €9 until the 29th of June. Its regular price will be €18.90

The plugin is available as 64-bit AU and VST2 plugin on Windows and Mac with native M1 support.

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