Castion lands the cover of Twitch’s HypePls playlist

Castion, under label Bass House Music (distributing through RouteNote), gets his songs and face on Soundtrack by Twitch’s HypePls playlist.

Twitch start to offer creators “reliable ad revenue”

Twitch are offering some creators a new monetization option, which guarantees payment for streaming a set number of hours per month.

Music for Twitch streams playlist features RouteNote release by Ducka Shan

“I Find You,” released through RouteNote, has been added to Soundtrack by Twitch EDM playlist SoundPls – and the artist, Ducka Shan, features on the cover.

RouteNote artist Arc North featured on cover of Twitch playlist

Congratulations to RouteNote artist Arc North, featured artist for the Vox Pop playlist on Soundtrack by Twitch!

RouteNote artist ZOOTAH featured on the cover of Twitch playlist

Congratulations to RouteNote artist ZOOTAH, picked to feature on the cover of the HypePls playlist on Twitch!

Twitch ‘Boosts’ is a marketing tool paid for by viewers

Twitch are testing a new controversial feature called ‘Boosts’ that promotes creators’ streams when viewers pay Twitch.

Warner Music Group Partners with Twitch for artist channels

Twitch and Warner Music Group have struck a deal to create a standalone music space on the streaming platform.

YouTube’s Partner Program now has 2 million members

The program that launched 14 years ago, with the intention to pay creators has amassed 2 million members.

How to become a Twitch Partner faster

There is no golden rule to becoming a Twitch Partner, but this guide should help you get there faster.

Facebook takes on Twitch with 100% subscription money deal

Facebook offers streamers using its platform 100% subscription fee revenue to lure streamers and viewers away from Twitch.