Image Credit: Twitch

Congratulations to RouteNote artist ZOOTAH, picked to feature on the cover of the HypePls playlist on Twitch!

Not only has ZOOTAH track “Finish Line” just been chosen for the HypePls playlist on Twitch, but the EDM artist features right there on the front cover.

Austrian duo ZOOTAH are signed to the Bass House Music label, distributing tracks through RouteNote. The pace-rising EDM of “Finish Line” is perfect for the HypePls playlist, as part of Twitch’s Soundtrack programme.

Soundtrack lets Twitch streamers use licensed music within their live streams without fear of takedown notices. Anyone who streams on Twitch can use music from the playlists.

HypePls is a playlist featuring high-tempo electronic music guaranteed to get both streamers and viewers pumped, so ZOOTAH’s tracks are right at home in the mix.

You can check out the HypePls playlist here, and find more tracks from ZOOTAH on streaming platforms like Spotify.

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