BABY Audio has released Pitch Drift – a free plugin to celebrate the festive season.

BABY Audio has developed a reputation for making fantastic plugins that are affordable. The developer offers a number of quirky production tools designed to inspire you with awesome user interface designs.

Additionally, BABY Audio offers some of the best free plugins on the market, and now Pitch Drift joins the fold.

Pitch Drift

BPB reports that Pitch Drift is a streamlined pitch modulation plugin that applies subtle pitch fluctuations to your audio signal. Further, Pitch Drift is powered by BABY Audio’s “Drift” algorithm from their popular Super VHS plugin.

Based on its interface, Pitch Drift looks akin to BABY Audio’s other free plugins Magic Dice and Baby Comeback – it’s simple and super useful with no complicated parameters. Ultimately, these free BABY Audio plugins are designed to perform DSP tasks without taking away from the creative experience. All in all, they’re easy to use and deliver instant results.

In practice, just two control parameters are available on Pitch Drift. Firstly, the Amount slider adjusts how much pitch modulation the plugin should apply, therefore letting you apply subtle, more organic pitch fluctuations and simply over-the-top pitch chaos.

Then you can make changes to the modulation speed by hovering over the user interface with your mouse too. While Semi-fast modulation tends to sound more natural and human, fast or extremely slow pitch fluctuations are great creative effects.


If you signed up to be notified of the release of BABY Audio’s festive freeware plugin then Pitch Drift is waiting for you in your email inbox. And if you haven’t then visit the BABY Audio website with the link below, enter your email address, and click the GET FREEBIES button.

You’ll receive the links to all of BABY Audio’s free plugins in your inbox as a result, in addition to an exclusive sample pack.

Pitch Drift is available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

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