Apple have announced WatchOS 4, the software upgrade for Apple Watch that gets even more out of the world’s most popular wearable.

Apple revealed the operating system upgrade for Apple Watch at their developers conference last week. WatchOS 4 brings enhanced visual experiences for music and menus as well as app updates like a load of new ways to get fit in the Activity app.

Apple Watch’s in-built music app gets some fresh licks of paint and lets you see playlists and music based around your listening history on your iPhone. With improved AirPlay support it’s easier than ever to connect your Apple Watch to other devices, especially good with Apple’s recently announced home speaker: Apple HomePod. Playlists can now be linked with workouts so that they start playing as soon as you begin to exercise.

Speaking of exercise, one of Apple Watch’s most popular apps is their ‘Activity’ fitness app. Activity has received a bunch of upgrades including a range of new workouts which allow you to choose between intervals and high/low intensity workouts.

Strangely there is a new workout for swimming that can work out when you finish your set, however we wouldn’t recommend taking it in with you. Apple Watch has also been customised to the way it reacts in between exercise sets making it easier and more fluid for users.

WatchOS has a new menu that is vertical rather than its original horizontal one which will make actions more streamlined. One of the most significant changes in WatchOS 4 is it’s ability to work with equipment besides Apple. Manufacturers representing 80% of the market will soon work with Apple Watch to transfer data and input workout information from exercise machines.

WatchOS 4 has been released to developers and is coming to users later this year.