GATELAB from Audiomodern is a free creative gate sequencer plugin

Create, edit and animate your own gate sequencer patterns to deliver endless rhythmic effects with GATELAB.

FREAK by Native Instruments is free with any purchase from Plugin Boutique

Usually $49, Plugin Boutique are giving away effect plugin FREAK, part of NI’s Crush Pack, with every purchase until 30th September.

SharePlay lets FaceTime callers listen to songs together, watch TV shows/movies in sync, and share their screen

The new feature coming to Apple’s phones, tablets, computers and TVs improves shared experiences while apart.

RØDE Connect is a free podcasting and streaming app for recording up to four microphones at once

The new Windows and Mac software from RØDE allows you to record up to four NT-USB Mini microphones simultaneously.

Endlesss bring their collaborative looper to macOS

Endlesss is a cloud-connected looper and social network app on iOS. Endlesss Studio brings this experience to the desktop on macOS.

How to create playlists on Spotify

Playlists are a great way to create a collection of your favourite songs and podcasts on Spotify. It’s quick and easy to create a playlist on Spotify Free or Premium. Mobile – iOS and Android…

Apple Silicon – The big switch – WWDC 2020

What is Apple Silicon and how will it affect the future of the Mac? Being more of an announcement of plans, there was no public release with this one, but it was still the biggest…

macOS 11 Big Sur – New features announced at WWDC 2020

The online-only WWDC showcased some of the impressive software updates Apple have been working on. Here are all the highlights from the macOS 11 Big Sur update. macOS 10 was publicly released in 2001. Nearly…

Apple WWDC 2020 Roundup – All the new headline features

WWDC brought along a whole host of new software updates to the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch, plus details on the future of the Mac. Prior to Monday, there were many questions around how…

Free AirPods with new Macs and iPads for students

Apple are offering free AirPods on top of discounted MacBooks, iMacs and iPads in the US. Upgrade to the AirPods Pro for just $90. Apple’s Back to School 2020 scheme offers a free pair of…