Image Credit: Bedroom Producers Blog

Analogue Drum Samples Bundle is a free sample pack and kick drum generator based on the Drumcomputer MFB-522.

Sampled from the MFB-522, an ultra-portable 808 clone that delivers deep analogue bass sounds, a collection of 1,135 high quality sounds are packed into the Analogue Drum Samples Bundle. Samplefino is the 2015 discontinued sound design project from Bedroom Producers Blog founder Tomislav Zlatic. The bundle combines both of the sample-based instruments from SamplefinoAnalogue Drums and Analogue Kick Drum.

Samplefino Analogue Drums

Zlatic manually processed each sound with various lo-fi analogue gear such as the SABA tape deck, TASCAM Portastudio 4-track and Echocord Mini tape delay. Also included are drum kit presets for NI Kontakt 5, FXpansion Geist and One Small Clue Poise, as well as digitally processed sounds and the MFB-522 one-shot samples. Each sound comes with between 4 and 10 round-robin variations.

Samplefino Analogue Kick Drum

The next product from the project is a sample-based kick drum generator for Native Instruments Kontakt. With the bass drum synth you can combine different attack transients, sampled from various drum machines, with a clean, chromatically sampled sine wave. Turn the Decay knob up and lower the transient volume to add some sub-bass to your music. You’ll also find various other effects like saturation, transient shaping and filtering. There’s also a hidden panel with additional controls that allow you to adjust modulation, bitcrushing and the output volume by turning the screw.

All sounds are available in 24-bit WAV format, making them compatible with any DAW. You’ll need the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt for the Analogue Kick Drum. Previously $29, you can now download the bundle for free from Bedroom Producers Blog. Just follow the link, click Buy now and enter your email address to download. If you had previously purchased one of the two products, get in touch with BPB here to receive a discount for Tomislav Zlatic’s forthcoming soundware product, live later this year.