The new production suite boasts an impressive line up of plugins and cutting-edge features that cater to both novice and professional music producers alike.

In June, the Soundwide Group (Native Instruments, iZotope, Brainworx, and Plugin Alliance) announced their merging under one umbrella: Native Instruments. Now, the Native Instruments group has launched Music Production Suite 6, a powerhouse software suite designed for every music producer.

A unified powerhouse of plugins

With the recent integration of brands under the Native Instruments umbrella, the release of Music Production Suite 6 marks a significant milestone for the group. It brings together a treasure trove of over 30 plugins, combining the strengths of multiple brands into a single cohesive package.

Taking centre stage, though, are the latest versions of industry-leading products from iZotope & NI:

  1. Ozone 11 Advanced: Known as one of the industry’s most acclaimed mastering toolkits, Ozone 11 Advanced has a Clarity Module that maximizes spectral power to make your tracks shine. Then, the AI-powered Stem Focus feature allows precise control over isolated stems within a mix and eliminates the need for endless revisions.
  2. Nectar 4 Advanced: Nectar 4 simplifies vocal processing with innovative features such as the Auto-Level module, an AI-powered Backer module for virtual backing vocals, and the Voices module for creating complex vocal layers.
  3. Guitar Rig 7 Pro: Guitar Rig 7 Pro is a gold mine piece of software for guitar and bass enthusiasts. Offering a myriad of new amps and pedals powered by machine learning, alongside 100 fresh rack presets, it brings the world of guitar tone possibilities to your DAW.

Expansive plugin arsenal

Don’t kid yourself into thinking the Music Production Suite 6 stops there. You’ll find a host of additional plugins that cater to various aspects of music production:

  • Neutron 4: A comprehensive mixing suite.
  • RX 10 Standard: Renowned audio repair software.
  • Neoverb: An intelligent reverb plugin.
  • Tonal Balance Control 2: A powerful mix-balancing meter.
  • Insight 2: Intelligent metering software for mixing, mastering, and post-production.
  • VocalSynth 2: An effects tool for vocal manipulation.
  • Audiolens: Streamline track referencing from music streaming platforms.
  • Exponential Audio Immersive Reverbs: Symphony 3D and Stratus 3D.
  • Brainworx Creative Mixing Set: Featuring various plugins like Bx_delay 2500, Bx_boom!, and more.
  • Native Instruments Effects: Including Raum, Crushpack, Modpack, Supercharger GT, Replika XT, and many others.

Pricing and availability

Music Production Suite 6 is now for an introductory price of $449 before its regular retail price of $599 comes into effect on October 11, 2023).

Meanwhile, you can buy any of the three versions of Ozone 11 (Advanced, Standard, and Elements) for $299, $149, and $39 respectively while their regular prices will be $399, $199, and $49. Similarly, Nectar 4 Advanced, Standard, and Elements have been temporarily reduced from $299, $199, and $49 to $224, $149, and $39 respectively. Guitar Rig 7 Pro is priced at $199.