Amazon Echo gets a $45 rival home speaker from Xiaomi

Google, Apple, Facebook – it seems everyone is making smart home speakers now, but Xiaomi’s super cheap one may knock others out of the running.

Xiaomi have revealed their very own home speaker that will compete with the likes of the massively popular Amazon Echo. Xiaomi have managed to set themselves apart in the increasingly crowded market with a price tag that will make all the others blush.

Xiaomi released a voice controlled speaker last December called the Mi, which could stream millions of songs and radio stations from the internet. Beyond that and some other music functions however, it wasn’t anything to go up against other voice activated speakers like Amazon’s Echo or the Google Home.

Their new device will actually feature an artificial intelligence inside the speaker so that you can use it with other devices and smart products from the hundreds of manufacturers that Xiaomi are partnered with. The upgraded version will be appropriately named the ‘Mi AI Speaker’.

With the new AI you can do so much more than just play music, using a variant of the Android OS. As with competing home speakers with AI’s you can ask it for the weather forecast, traffic announcements, set alarms, take notes and much more. You can do all this all just by talking to it. It features six speakers for a 360-degree sound.

The most impressive part of Xiaomi’s Mi AI Speaker is its cost. With the functions of any other $100+ speaker from big brand names, the Mi AI Speaker will be made available for just $45. A bargain for anyone looking to get their own home speaker and assistant on a budget.

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