Amazon have brought a new update to their massively popular Amazon Echo speakers connecting more of your home together.

Amazon Echo is a home speaker that can do everything from play music, look up the news, schedule your calendar and control your home. A new update means that Echo can now replace home intercoms as you can easily call echos to play video or talk to someone in the room.

Talking to someone in another room is super easy with Echo’s update. Simply tell Alexa, “Alexa, call the kitchen” and the Echo assigned to that room will start broadcasting what you say. It’s a cool feature but unless you have a mansion it might be pretty redundant.

The update came to Alexa’s app yesterday and will continue to be launched over the next few days. From the app you can view all the devices in your home enabled by Alexa. Unfortunately, however, the Echo’s new intercom feature only works with other Echos, including Echo Show and Echo Dot variants, so you will have to get another Echo to make use of the function.

Using the Alexa app you can also use Echo’s new intercom features whilst you’re away, so you can tell those naughty robbers off. Drop-In will have to be enabled to use the intercom which is Amazon’s terms for voice and video calls. Amazon brought calls to the Echo just last month.

Amazon are likely using the new feature to create a buzz for the Echo Show, which is now only a day away from being released. The $230 speaker will bring video to Amazon’s home speaker range for the first time opening up opportunities like video-calling, photo slideshows, watch YouTube and more.

Amazon Echo Show will launch tomorrow on the 28th June.