Top Spotify playlist curators you need to send your music to in 2020

Playlists are what can make an artist in 2020. Getting your music playlisted can be the promotion you need to bring in thousands of new listeners.

We can help you send your music to Spotify’s hand crafted playlist for free.

Many of the top followed playlists on Spotify and other streaming platforms are from independent curators with the hope of promoting your music to new listeners. If you come across any on Spotify that are perfect for your music, check the description for submission info or see who created it.

Here are some of the top playlist curators you need to check out if you want to promote your music for free.

Sidekick Music

Head to Sidekick and select one of the following playlists to submit your music to:

Click here to submit to Sidekick Music.


Simply pick a genre and your music will be sent to a whole host of relevant playlists.

Click here to submit to INDIEMONO.


Search through and submit your music Soundplate’s playlists or one of their top featured playlists. With playlists such as:

Click here to submit to Soundplate


Fill out their form, including the genre, mood and similar artists, then tick the playlists you want to be considered for, such as:

Click here to submit to ForTheLoveOfBands

Daily Playlists

Playlists are user submitted, so there’s no shortage here. Simply search for genres and the site will populate a list of suitable playlists. For example:

Click here to submit to Daily Playlists

For help getting your music onto Spotify for free, head to RouteNote and start distributing to all of the top stores and streaming services.

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    I think my advice is to be realistic with your playlist promotion. I had much better results going with independent curators than going with PlaylistPush or other such similar services that require $100’s of investment. For example, the best two curators I have worked with was @xtbmusic (Music submissions via their Instagram at )

    Their service was only about $15-20 but they delivered me a modest organic stream rate of a few thousand a month. Anything making bold claims and wanting large sums is never going to end well, go smaller and realistic to get better value for your money,

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