DJ software & tech creators Native Instruments raised $50m+ in new funding

A household name for many music producers and DJs, Native Instruments have just received loads of new funds from a round of funding.

DJ-tech makers Native Instruments, famous for their Maschine controllers, Kontrol keyboards and Komplete software, have got a bunch more money to play with. In a new round of funding the company received a whopping $58 million / €50 million which they say they will use for “rapid international growth”.

The successful funding round saw the large investment come from private-equity firm EMH Partners. The funding will allow Native Instruments to create new digital services for their users as well as international expansion. Using the funds they also plan to launch a recruitment drive across Berlin, Los Angeles, and London.

It’s been a productive year so far for Native Instruments who acquired MetaPop earlier this year in March. Metapop are a company working to license remixes and reworkings of music so that DJ’s and remixers can still share their work legally, whilst anyone whose music is used by them gets credit and payment.

MetaPop was led by ex-Beatport boss Matthew Adell who remains under the ownership of Native Instruments to develop the potential for DJs and producers. Adell said at the time: “Joining Native Instruments opens up new doors to build on our shared vision, working alongside leading talent and world-class products. We are excited to inspire even more creativity and revenue opportunities for our users and partners.”

We can’t wait to see what Native Instruments and Metapop come out with next, and with a large wad of extra funding behind them their ambitions could be much closer than we expect.

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