Native Instruments just bought startup MetaPop, a new company that are working to license remixes so that DJs can legally share their reworkings of tracks.

The internet has opened up a creative bubble the likes of which the world has never seen, with people all across the globe now having access to kit, software and music on an unparalleled level. As electronic music shines through as a dominator of this open creativity remixes are everywhere, but with archaic copyright laws the legality behind remixes is still a giant grey area. Enter MetaPop.

MetaPop launched last year with the aim of licensing modified versions of other tracks, particularly remixes and mash-ups, so that creators can put their music out there whilst rightsholders of the original recording get credited and paid. Since launching MetaPop have reportedly licensed over 20,000 bootlegs from a catalog of 200,000 songs on their model of 15% to remixers, 70% to original rights holders and a 15% cut for themselves to cover the costs of licensing.

The new purchase by music kit and software creators Native Instruments opens up a whole new industry for the company and brings Beatport’s former CEO on as NI’s new chief digital officer. Former Beatport CEO Matthew Adell will spearhead new strategies for Native Instruments’ online portfolios.

Speaking on MetaPop and it’s acquisition, Adell said: “MetaPop was born from an ambition to redefine the world of remixing music. Joining Native Instruments opens up new doors to build on our shared vision, working alongside leading talent and world-class products. We are excited to inspire even more creativity and revenue opportunities for our users and partners.”

Native Instruments’ CEO, Daniel Haver added: “At Native Instruments we want to inspire and empower music lovers to express themselves, and in a very short time MetaPop has enabled thousands of new producers and remixers to do just that. I’m delighted to welcome Matthew Adell to the team. I relished working with Matthew for several years while he was CEO of Beatport, of which Native Instruments was a shareholder and board member. With MetaPop and Matthew joining, we’re very excited to take our online offering to the next level.”

Whilst MetaPop aren’t the first of it’s kind, Dubset have been on the scene for a few years now licensing remixes for independent producers, their growth and now their acquisition by NI puts them on track to be a major influencer in the clearance of remixes online.

The acquisition comes off the back of sustained global NI growth and cements a commitment to developing its U.S. presence, further building the 50 strong team in L.A. into a major innovation hub for the NI brand. MetaPop will operate out of the Native Instruments’ US office in L.A., CA.