The QR65 active desktop monitors are affordable speakers for producers an drecording artists with LEDs that lighten your workspace while the cones pump great sound.

Since hitting shelves in March, the QR65 speakers have taken the affordable studio monitor market by storm with their exceptional sound & captivating light show.

Priced at $329, the speakers will occupy tight spaces in smaller studios and are well-suited as a reference in conjunction with headphones! Let’s take a look at the QR65 headphones in more detail…

Sound quality: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

At their low price, I was surprised at the weight of sound these QR65 speakers are capable of. The MR4s, for example, lacked a lot of low end, meaning kicks sounded hollow & sub-bass non-existent. With these QR65s, though, there are lots more bass frequencies present. Of course, a standout feature at this price point is the sub-port connection.

I’m still not so sure these would make great monitors for bass music producers without a sub, but they’d be well equipped for the needs of musicians recording their instruments and mixing (reference headphones required). Still, the QR65s are Hi-Res Certified over aux, USB & Bluetooth, making them perfectly good for listening to music & enjoying visual media.

However, there’s a subtle lack of clarity in the high-mids, making it harder for vocals to separate themselves from instruments in the mix. Nevertheless, the sound is great for beginners & recording artists on smaller budgets.

Features: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Of course, the biggest feature we should talk about is the LEDs. Fully customisable via the Edifier ConneX app, strips of LEDs surround the fill & surround internal housing behind a transparent yet super reflective front panel. The lights seem to descend into the speaker housing and create an infinite decay effect which looks awesome.

As well as the ConneX App, you can control the intensity of the LEDs (and speaker volume) with a dedicated knob on the active speaker, and determine the mood through lighting before the music even plays. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn the lights off permanently. The LED lights make the QR65 extremely attractive for younger buyers as well as gamers.

The DIN connection between the active & passive speakers does mean you’ll have an additional cable to deal with, but on the other hand, both speakers having individual power supplies would ramp the price up. Furthermore, 65W TurboGaN technology provides enough power to charge your laptop or smart device over USB A & C ports which is something many competitors don’t offer.


Small and compact are some obvious adjectives I’d use to describe the QR65 design. The left-satellite speaker connects to the right-active via a DIN connection, much more stable than the thin wired connection between the two Edifier MR4 speakers, and on the right side of the active speaker you can easily control playback, volume and playback mode.

Available in black or white, the Edifier Qr65 speakers boast a futuristic style mixed with a touch of modern minimalism. They’ll complement most studio spaces, I’m sure, but the light show won’t be for everyone.

Older producers and artists looking for studio monitors and not fussed by the fancy lights may be dissuaded from buying the QR65s. Like the QR65 speaker, the style is much more appealing to younger music lovers looking for a speaker that’s loud in more ways than sound.

Edifier also provides angled speaker stands, tailoring speaker positioning and sound projection upward toward ear level. The stand colour is the same as your chosen speaker colour, barely noticeable underneath the speakers. They’re a nice touch for these affordable speakers, that’s for sure.

Value: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

With their additional offerings of lights and GaN charging, as well as their good sound, the Edifier QR65 speakers pack a punch for a little over $300. Competitors in this price range don’t typically offer lights, additional charging ports or even a port connection for sub, but the QR65 breaks the mould.

The speakers are however better suited to smaller studios and bedrooms. Larger spaces may be better suited by 5″ or even 7″ monitors, where the Yamaha HS series reigns supreme in affordability and sound quality, but the QR65 will be ample for small rooms.

Edifier QR65 desktop studio monitors. Image Credit: Edifier

Gamers will enjoy the QR65s LEDs although older buyers may be put off by the lightshow. And if some lighting for your workspace is what you’re looking for, these speakers will provide spectacularly. The speakers sound great and make an excellent first pair of monitors.

Of course, at just over $300 these speakers still aren’t cheap. Boasting only 2.75″ woofers, the QR65s are overtaken in value for money by the Yamaha HS5s. The slightly bigger woofers, with only a marginally bigger price tag, deliver a full bass sound as opposed to these smaller drivers in the QR65… but if your workspace is tight and you have limited options, these Edifier speakers will serve just fine.

Final verdict

Ultimately, I think the QR65 studio monitors are fit for producers & recording artists on small budgets or anyone constrained by a small workspace. The LEDs may put some buyers off, but younger consumers and gamers will enjoy them.

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of great-sounding desktop speakers then the Edifier QR65 may be your best bet. With their stellar features and punchy sound, they’ll sit perfectly on your desk as a great production accomplice with your headphones.