Provide your views as a songwriter to help shape the industry based on your experiences and concerns in a changing music landscape.

The music world is built upon the backs of the songwriters who create the hits we love and shape the albums that carry us through our days. Every song has a songwriter, whether they’re the artist at the front of it all or they’re behind the scenes creating the magic for another artist.

That importance can be overlooked and underrecognised. Particularly in a music landscape that is transforming with streaming and AI quickly reshaping the status quo, there is an opportunity for songwriters to get involved and help build a future that works for them. MIDiA Research are hosting a survey of songwriters to get the views of these integral industry figures.

Songwriters voices need to be heard, particularly with the recent revelation that songwriters may earn around $150 million less from Spotify due to a change in licensing that comes amid the bundling of their Premium music subscription with audiobooks.

Music researcher at MIDiA, Fernanda Balzaretti writes: “We are calling all songwriters, whether you are a singer-songwriter, songwriter/producer, soundtrack composer, or any other combination, to take the survey.

“This is an opportunity to have your voice heard on some of the most important issues facing songwriters in today’s industry, from evolving royalty structures to artificial intelligence and to non-traditional career-driving opportunities.”

Songwriters of all size and area are encouraged to take part to inform the data that the industry can help model its future on. They promise that the survey will only take around 10 minutes to complete, with all responses remaining confidential.

All participants will gain access to the survey results when the report is published in June. Balzaretti adds: “Do not miss this opportunity to shape the future of the songwriting industry!”

Click here to take part in the survey.