Zildjian Launch New Low Volume L80 Cymbal Series


One of the biggest issues with being a drummer is that practicing your craft often ends up with banging on the wall, shouting from another room or angry neighbours – However Zildjian have created a solution with their new Low Volume Cymbal series.

Zildjian promise that the new series will retain all the quality and feel of a standard Zildjian cymbal but the Low Volume L80s will be up to 80% quieter than a traditional cymbal; perfect for practice rooms, drum lessons, low volume gigs and whenever you require reduced volume from your drum kit.

The Zildjian Sound Lab have worked tirelessly on creating a specialised pattern for optimum quality as well as a lower volume. The “state-of-the-art” pattern is combined with a proprietary alloy and given a unique matte finish.

Mike Sutton, the product manager at Zildjian, said: “With the L80 Low Volume Cymbal, we have found the perfect solution for drummers who play in overcrowded urban environments or who want to play longer without disturbing your neighbours, parents or adjacent lesson rooms.”

In the new series Zildjian offers:

LV38 Box Set: L80 Low Volume 13” HiHat/18” Crash Ride

LV348 Box Set: L80 Low Volume 13” HiHat/14” Crash/18” Crash Ride Box Set

LV468 Box Set: L80 Low Volume 14” HiHat/16” Crash/18” Crash Ride Box Set

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