We are all Radio DJs with Stationhead and a Spotify account

Music is an incredibly personal passion and many of us have probably dreamed of playing our own selection of tunes across the airwaves to the world.

Stationhead lets us realise that dream in which we’re curating the mix of tunes coming out of the radio, selecting the finest cuts yourself and providing the in-depth detail behind the track and personal anecdotes that make it special.

Stationhead has been streaming user’s personal radio shows over the airs since 2017. It works by connecting to either Spotify or Apple Music to provide legal access to the world’s music for lining up and spinning in Stationhead shows. When listeners tune in the app connects to their Spotify or Apple Music account to play back the songs as they listen.

Between the playlist the ‘DJ’ provide their chatter whether it’s about the music, discussing topics, themselves, etc. It’s your own radio show and you can do whatever you like with it whilst playing the music you love.

This week Stationhead announced that they’ll be taking shows offline so that people can tune in even if they missed it live. Whereas before you had to tune in to any station on the app live, they can now be saved and stored by the creator for anyone to listen to whenever they like.

Stationhead CEO and co-founder Ryan Star says that he created the app because he was frustrated with the difficulty of getting played on the radio. Since the launch of the app it has transformed to mean a different thing for many of it’s creators. Since last November they have reported that over 200,000 shows have been created.

Star says that the app brings together “creative freedom and real human connection.” It gives people a platform to share their music but also to share themselves. Star continues: “As an artist, I know first-hand the value of these music streaming platforms. That’s why Stationhead was designed to get more people streaming and more people connecting around streaming.”

The start-up app’s COO, Murray Levison, compares their growth to one of the biggest successes of the digital age. She says: “Stationhead is the YouTube of audio, and our current growth rate is matching and sometimes exceeding YouTube’s early numbers. In the midst of an audio revolution driven by podcasting, music streaming, and smart speakers, Stationhead is the only social platform built for it all.”

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