Image Credit: YouTube Music

Does YouTube Music do a year in review? Yes – find the recap of your top artists, songs, music videos and playlists of the year here!

YouTube Music wrap up each year by revealing what music you’ve been listening to the most. The streaming service calls its round-up Recap.

Like Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay, Recap features personalised stats like your top songs, artists, playlists and music videos of 2022.

Your Recap stats are arranged in story format, with cards that are instantly shareable on social media so you can show off your taste in music – or cringe and show no one!

Where to find your 2022 Recap on YouTube Music

Your yearly round up from YouTube Music can be found in the YouTube Music app. Head to the 2022 Recap page here to find your personalised stats.

This year you can access your Recap on the main YouTube app, too. Search “2022 Recap” on the iOS or Android app.

Tap the arrow at the bottom of each Recap story to share to social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

New features in your YouTube Music 2022 Recap

YouTube has introduced more personalised features this time around!

Top Trends shows you an artist you discovered ahead of other users.

Identity meanwhile assigns you a music “personality” based around which mood your listening habits most align with.

Hard-to-Find Content is a clever way for YouTube to draw attention to one of the bonuses of using YouTube Music – the exclusive content like remixes and live videos you can’t find on other streaming services.

With Recap you can share your discoveries from both YouTube Music and the YouTube app.

Also new for 2022, Google Photos users can import pictures straight onto the sharable cards for that extra personal touch.

YouTube Music also mixed things up by launching a Spring and Summer Recap in 2022, so users could share how their listening habits change with the seasons.

This is only the second year of Recap, with YouTube clearly taking note of the annual hype around the much-loved Spotify Wrapped round-up.

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