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YouTube Music is the new home for everything musical on YouTube and makes streaming simple. As an artist you want your place on their to be the best it can be.

Earlier this year YouTube launched YouTube Music, a platform which transforms all the music content on YouTube including; tracks, music videos, live videos, and more, are now all in one streaming hub. It’s laid out much more like a traditional music streaming service and makes streaming music, making playlists, creating queues and more as simple as you could wish.

Now that YouTube has a dedicated home for music, your music will be presented to YouTube Music viewers similarly to how it is on Spotify or Google Play Music. When people search for you, when you feature on the charts, in playlists, on channels and for your presence on the YouTube Music app you want an image that truly represents you. Our guide below will help you to make sure that you look as good as you should when it comes to adding the face of your artist profile.

  1. Head to YouTube and sign in to your account
  2. In the top right, select your Account icon > Creator Studio.
  3. On the left, under ‘Artist Centre’, select Press Kit.
  4. Pick a high quality photo using YouTube’s image guidelines.
  5. To add a profile photo, select the Update Photo button in ‘Step 2’.
    • Your profile photo comes from your Google account. When you upload or edit this photo, you’ll be redirected to your Google ‘about me’ page.
    • Once you have finished editing your Google ‘about me’ page, you can return to the Artist Centre within Creator Studio to finish updating your Press Kit.
  6. Then select Update Photo in ‘Step 3’ to add your gallery photo.
    • For consistency, we recommend that you use the same photo as the one in the previous step.
  7. To update your bio, select anywhere in the Biography box. Enter your artist biography and select Save Bio.

The images you upload may be used across all of Google’s services; Google Play Music, YouTube Music, and YouTube. You can update your ‘Press Kit’ anytime you like.