YouTube have launched a solution to the exasperating issue of re-uploaders and content thieves on their giant video platform.

YouTube’s new Copyright Match tool gives certain creators the power to identify videos using their content. The new tool looks to solve the issue in which large YouTuber’s would have their content stolen and the re-uploader earn ad-revenue, views and subscribers from someone else’s content.

The new feature has it’s own section in YouTube Studio for channels with over 100,000 subscribers, though this feature will hopefully extend to smaller channels as YouTube are calling it’s current existence “a small pilot”. When YouTube finds a match to a video it will appear in the Copyright Match hub in the Studio and the creator can decide what action to take.

The process is simple enough:

  1. If you’re eligible for the tool, you’ll see the Copyright section in your left navigation in YouTube Studio.
  2. Under the Copyright section, monitor the Matches tab to see any very similar videos that we find uploaded to YouTube.
  3. There are several actions you can take when reviewing matches in the tool, depending on how you want to manage your rights:
    1. Archive – Move the match to your Archive tab without taking action on the video. You’ll still be able to take action at a later date if you choose.
    2. Message the channel – Initiate a conversation with the uploading channel notifying them that the reupload has been identified. You can keep track of who you’ve notified in the Messages tab and continue the conversation over email.
    3. Request removal – Submit a legal request for YouTube to remove the matched video from the site. You have two options when choosing this action:
      1. Scheduled: Send a 7-day notice – Send the channel a notice to remove the video. After 7 days, if they haven’t removed the video, it will be taken down and they may receive a copyright strike.
      2. Standard: Request removal now – Your removal request will be submitted directly to YouTube. After removal, the uploading channel may receive a copyright strike.

      After submission, keep an eye on your email in case we need more information before we can process your request. You can also check your Removal Requests tab for a record of your submissions and updates on their status.