Mechanical royalties to rise by 32% for songwriters in the US

For the last little while, a negotiation in the United States has been ongoing over particular types of mechanical royalty rates paid to songwriters for sales of physical music and downloads, reports Music Business Worldwide.

What happens when you get a copyright claim on YouTube? Copyright and YouTube explained

YouTube has revealed insider information about how copyright protection works on the site and how many videos are claimed.

Music streaming market in the UK to be probed by competition regulator

Big music companies watch out – the CMA will consider competition in the music industry, and how fair music streaming is for artists and consumers.

“Key moment for the music industry” as UK Government eyes investigation into major record labels’ dominance

The UK Government have responded to a parliamentary inquiry into the economics of music streaming, and major recording labels and playlist curators are under fire.

Is Twitch close to signing a licensing deal with publishers for music on Twitch?

In great news for artists, labels and streamers, Twitch is apparently nearing a licensing deal with NMPA to pay artists for music on Twitch streams.

How to avoid YouTube copyright strikes

Copyright strikes on YouTube can have a huge effect on your channel and understanding when you’ve had a strike and when you’ve had a claim can keep your channel protected. Copyrights on YouTube can be…

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What does “masters” mean? Let’s explore master recordings and what you need to know about them as an artist.

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What is a Performing Rights Organisation?

A performance rights organisation or performing rights society can be a vital resource for artists so here we’ll explain what they are and where you can find them.

Twitch swap out Metallica’s heavy metal for Zelda-like music in order to avoid a DMCA takedown

Performing at last weekend’s virtual BlizzCon on Twitch, Metallica’s heavy metal music transitioned quite suddenly.