Any self-respecting bass player knows how special Ernie Ball StingRays are and their new Special models bring that innovation into the 21st century.

Ernie Ball are back with a brand new rap for a veteran rapper, announcing the StingRay Special in 4 and 5 strings. The re-invented classic has been rebuilt from the ground up to be optimised for modern playing and gear whilst retaining the innovative and sleek design that made the Ernie Ball Stingray special.

The StingRay bass guitar was first released by Ernie Ball in 1976 and quickly became one of the most iconic basses in the world thanks to it’s beautiful design and absolute quality build for the price. For the first time in 30 years they are re-imagining the StingRay with a new build, contouring and guts.

Ernie Ball say the new contouring prioritises “comfort and playability” with a more spherical body making it more comfortable to rest your forearm in. They also introduce a new 5-bolt neck joint, providing uninhibited access to all 22 stainless steel frets on the Special’s gorgeous roasted maple necks. The resins in the wood are hardened for stability and also gives the neck a gorgeous colour.

The new and improved StingRay Special bass pickups feature powerful neodymium magnets for higher output which creates a dynamic range while preserving the StingRay sound. This new bass also offers a redesigned 18-volt preamp for maximized headroom without clipping which ultimately gives you more power. The 3-bands allow ultimate control over the high end, which is not so harsh, the mid range is reset, and the bass is focused on the most utilised frequencies.

Both the 4 and 5 string versions of the new StingRay Special basses come with two options for pickups. You can choose to go for a single or a dual humbucking setup with their new neodymium magnets offering a higher output and the iconic sound of the beloved StingRay bass.

Nab yourself a brand new, modernised and re-sexified Ernie Ball StingRay starting at $1,999 from retailers. Find out more from Ernie Ball’s website.