YouTube have released a new VR app that turns the whole platform and every video into an immersive virtual reality experience.

YouTube’s brand new VR app puts you inside the world’s largest video hosting site for an unmatched experience with virtual reality. The app lets you easily explore the wealth of 360-degree videos on YouTube and step inside as if you were actually at a gig, or climbing a mountain, or driving through an animated world.

YouTube’s VR app also brings a new experience to standard videos which will be shown on a virtual theater screen with a 3D interface surrounding it. You can also use voice recognition to explore and navigate the app without even having to move, and by signing in to your account you can view all your subscriptions, likes videos and playlists within the virtual reality of the app.

YouTube revealed the app earlier this year as virtual reality was becoming a dominating force with labels and music services launching VR concerts and Google creating unique virtual reality experiences.

For now YouTube VR only works with Daydream, Google’s app for all of their VR experiences including games and immersive Google Maps street view. From Google’s announcement it sounds like you might also need their Daydream View controller, which comes with a comfy looking headset and small controller for using VR.

There’s already a bunch of incredible VR content on YouTube as you can see in the video below, but as YouTube and Google continue to increase their involvement with it we can hope to see even more great content to come. In their release statement YouTube said: “We can’t tell you how inspired we all are after watching the amazing VR videos made by creators on YouTube. We can’t wait to see what you dream up next.”