Spotify and Sonos have teamed up to launch Playlist Potluck, a custom playlist that everyone can come together to create the soundtrack for their night with.

As the weather gets colder, Spotify wanted to help you create the playlists that will shape your nights in with friends. Based on the original idea of a potluck; A meal/party where each guest adds their own dish to the selection, Spotify came together with Sonos to create a music-based version.

Using the same general concept Playlist Potluck works by the host creating a Spotify playlist which all the guests can then add their specialty dishes (music tastes) into. No more fighting over the aux cord as Playlist Potluck brings everyones musical flavours together for a music stream that all guests can enjoy.

In their release statement Spotify said: “As the holiday season approaches, we started thinking about the idea behind the traditional potluck concept and the fact people around the world use this time to get together with their friends. At a potluck, every guest’s flavor is reflected in the party; we think this translates to musical tastes as well.”

To celebrate the release of Playlist Potluck Sonos are giving eligible Spotify users a chance to have a world-class chef come over and cook the meals for your dinner party. By creating a playlist with Playlist Potluck you have the chance to win a night with Danny Bowien or Inaki Aizipitarte cooking you world-class dishes in the comfort of your own home. You’ll even win a set of Sonos speakers for the best music listening experience at home.

Try Sonos’ and Spotify’s Playlist Potluck out for yourself here: