YouTube have started rolling out a Twitch-like ‘Clips’ feature, allowing creators and viewers to share 5-60 second segments from any upload or stream.

Clips is a heavily requested feature, aimed at longer videos such as gaming streams and podcast videos, allowing both creators and general viewers to easily highlight and share moments on social media.

If you’re on desktop or Android, under videos with the Clips feature (such as this one) you’ll see this icon Clip icon. Simply drag the sliders or enter timecodes to choose the start and end of the clip. Enter a title and click SHARE CLIP. You’ll be given a list of platforms for sharing, or you can embed or copy the URL to share anywhere. Viewers will see the clip looped and easily be able to watch the full video.

On desktop you’ll find all of your clips in the left panel under Watch later and on the mobile app. Here you can quickly Share or delete old clips.

Clips are available to all users on desktop and Android, with iOS coming soon. YouTube have added the Clips feature to a small number of gaming users and all Creator Inside videos going forward. Gamers involved in the test will also have the feature under live streams, so you can even create clips during streams. YouTube will be expanding the feature and make updates over time based on feedback. Soon the feature will be available on all videos and live streams except kids content, live streams with DVR, live streams over eight hours and Premieres while they’re live. As the clips are played over the original video, all settings such as monetization and music claims remain. Although not stated, creators will likely be given the option to opt-out of the Clips feature, as there could be potential issues with rightsholders on music videos for example.

This is a great new feature that should only help to bring more views to your videos.