Yesterday YouTube added two new virtual reality functions allowing you to watch videos on Google Cardboard.

Every video on the worlds biggest video hosting site, YouTube, is now available to watch in Virtual Reality (VR) using Google Cardboard on YouTube’s Android app. YouTube made the announcement yesterday that using your phone you will be able to view videos in a new immersive experience.

The biggest aspect of this introduction is VR Video which uses the Cardboard VR headset with YouTube’s new 360° function to give the impression that you are actually there in the video. With the phones accelerometer you can look around whilst the headset presents the video in close-up 3D. VR videos use stereopsis so that near objects appear near and far objects appear far for a “pretty freakin’ cool” experience.

If you already own a Google Cardboard viewer then give it a go with one of the VR videos on YouTube, like the Hunger Games Experience or TOMS Shoes Giving Trip. Just tap the cardboard icon and place your mobile into the Cardboard viewer. You can record your own VR Videos too using Google’s Jump technology.

Google Cardboard Youtube Android

As mentioned above all YouTube content will be available to watch using Google Cardboard, described by YouTube as “a kind of virtual movie theater.” So now roughly 300 hours worth of content will be available every minute to watch using Cardboard.

The Cardboard features are now available on the YouTube Android app and Google Cardboard is available in a variety of styles from foldable cardboard to full plastic viewers.