VR Now On iOS YouTube With Google Cardboard

Better late than never, YouTube’s iOS app now features full Google Cardboard support to watch 360-degree, immersive videos.

Google Cardboard is Google’s range of headsets/viewers that you put your phone into, and act as a virtual reality headset. Android phones have been working with Cardboard since late last year whilst iPhone users were left in the dust – but not anymore.

Whilst all videos are Cardboard compatible, it’s the 360 videos that make the best use of the headsets. As your phone uses its built in accelerometer you can move your head to move the video when using Cardboard. This truly puts you in the video and lets you look around to explore the video setting.

Since launching 360-degree compatibility last March hundreds of videos have been added to YouTube making use of the feature. Everything from interviews, music videos, live performances to Star Wars shorts and rollercoaster rides have been turned into virtual reality experiences. Now users on iOS get to experience all of these videos as they were meant to be experienced.

As Google move further forward with their contributions to the breaking VR tech there are suggestions the much rumoured Android VR headset will launch this week with Google’s I/O conference later in the week.

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