These unique Kickstarter funded headphones listen to the unique reception of your ears to adjust their sound and tune it to your ears.

Did you know that your ears don’t just pick up sounds, they produce sounds? Probably not as they are almost always unhearable by human ears, but not by technology. Nura headphones use this tech to learn your unique listening and fine tune their sound to suit your ears. This means you don’t have to go searching through the thousands of headphone options out there to find the right sound for you, as Nura creates the right sound for you.

kickstarter headphones audio ears

That’s the most unique and fascinating part of Nura headphones but they are pretty overall impressive. They deliver crystal clear audio quality by using different speaker drivers for high and low frequencies. The over-the-ear ‘cup’ of the headphones play deep bass whilst an in-ear bud controls precise high tones whilst preventing the bass from muddying the mix. The cup has also been designed to double noise isolation so less ambient sound intrudes on your listening.

Some of the people who got to try out Nura headphones early said that “it’s like going from standard definition TV to 4K” whilst another sound “that’s ridiculous. It’s like you lifted a lid off the sound”. Nura listening audio quality

Here’s a little of what Nura say about the science and the first time use them:

Our technology combines deep hearing and neuroscience, psychoacoustics, signal processing and acoustics. Nura does not require any user interaction. You sit there and listen for 30 seconds. That’s it.

  • The first time you put them on your head, they’ll measure your hearing – a process that takes about 30 seconds.
  • Nura headphones actually know you. Any time you put them on, Nura will recognise you in less than two seconds.
  • Once Nura identifies you, they load your profile. Any music you listen to (no matter the app) will be optimised for your hearing, so you can hear every note perfectly.

Their Kickstarter campaign has already almost doubled it’s target of $100,000 with $191,800 (ATOW). You can still get an early bird price of $199 or $249 (retail price is $399) from their page here: