You can now live stream to YouTube on mobile

YouTube have added live streaming support for all of it’s mobile apps so that users can stream live video using their smartphones.

It seems like a late move for the service that has featured live streaming on it’s desktop website for a few years and has been surpassed by competitors for its introduction on mobile. But at long last you can now live stream to the world’s biggest video hosting site in the world from your smartphone.

When you live stream the screen will show you what you’re recording, of course, as well as a chat stream on the screen for both the streamer and audience to view. The screen will also show various stats about your stream like viewer numbers and likes. As with all other content on YouTube you will be able to search for live streams happening and watch them on any device.

Live streaming is becoming a massive draw for people online with various companies like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter all now having their own platform to stream video live on. YouTube even added the ability to live stream 360° video live, a massive step forward in technology.

The feature will be rolling out “soon” to everyone whilst it’s currently exclusive to certain YouTubers like The Young Turks and AIB to cover VidCon.

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