Who is the most popular artist on Spotify?

Image Credit: Ed Sheeran

A new music streaming record has just been broken! Who is the most followed artist on Spotify in July 2022?

Who’s the most popular artist on Spotify? Ed Sheeran!

The number one most-followed Spotify artist

As of July 2022 Ed Sheeran has just broken records by becoming the first artist to hit 100 million followers on Spotify.

Sheeran has broken many streaming records in his meteoric career, including setting the record for the most Spotify streams in a day.

The music video for his hit “Shape of You” is the second most-streamed video on YouTube with 5.76 billion views.

In a bid to encourage Sheeran to show off his achievement, Spotify sent the singer a fetching t-shirt emblazoned with “ASK ME ABOUT MY 100 MILLION SPOTIFY FOLLOWERS,” which he subsequently filmed himself wearing around the latest stadium stop of his tour, playfully accosting his team.

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