Image credit: Cofohint Esin

Connecting musicians with playlist curators, Playlist Push offers huge potential for artists to reach millions of listeners through some of the top playlists online.

Playlists have transformed how many of us listen to music in recent years. Like the most powerful possible evolution of mix tapes on cassette, they offer a refined selection of tracks collected into one stream-able list based on mood, genre, themes, or whatever takes the playlist creator’s fancy. They have become so influential in the new age of music streaming that they have been described as replacing the album in terms of how people listen to music most commonly.

With potentially millions of listeners on a single playlist, returning every week to hear which new tracks have been added, the potential for discovery within playlists cannot be understated. A single placement can make an artist’s career, giving them a huge, brand new audience the likes of which only radio stations have been able to offer before. If even a minority save the track – and perhaps even become real fans – it’s an incredible opportunity for artists.

How to feature your music on playlists

With such a huge potential, it’s obviously not as simple as just releasing music and finding yourself on a playlist. There are various ways in which artists can put themselves in front of the right people to get featured in a playlist, beyond the hope that you’ll just be discovered and added.

Artists who distribute their own music to Spotify are able to use the service’s own artist platform – Spotify for Artists – to send upcoming releases to their in-house curators for potential to feature on Spotify’s huge playlists. Going direct to the source like this is a powerful potential to be picked up by some of the most influential new taste-makers in the world, but streaming service’s own playlists are just the tip of the iceberg – there are millions more powered by individuals and brands who aren’t affiliated with the brand.

How can artists reach independent playlist curators?

This is where platforms like Playlist Push come in. Playlist Push allows creators and curators to connect and share in their mutual love of music to bring it to fresh ears across the globe. They provide a direct route for artists to discover the taste-makers that are most suited to their style, whilst for curators they offer a steady stream of fresh, new, and often undiscovered music to find.

Playlist Push allows artists to pay to send their tracks to curators, choosing from all of the playlist makers they’re partnered with to find the ones most suited to their sound. This ensures a direct route to their peers in whatever genre and music community artists exist, meaning that every penny counts in finding the right audience. The curators will then review the songs they’re sent and a report will show artists how their music has been featured and where.

With almost 1,000 curators on Playlist Push, they have a combined potential reach of 23 million listeners across their Spotify playlists. They’ve worked with over 3,400 artists and bands on more than 5,500 successful campaigns to get heard in the broad potential reach of these popular playlists, putting tracks in front of the audiences most attuned to their styles of music.

Can you trust Playlist Push?

Playlist Push has hundreds of reviews online from artists who have used the platform to feature in front of thousands of new listeners on playlists. Many of them also cite that the playlist placement has helped their overall performance, opening them up to potential new long-term fans and for additions in more playlists.

The service also monitors all curators to ensure that they are legitimate and there is no suspicious activity or any changes made to their playlists that would make them ineligible for what they were originally offering artists when they sent their music. All feedback from curators on the platform is written uniquely to ensure authenticity.

Of course, when using Playlist Push it is important to remember that there is no guarantee that curators will feature your music when hearing it. It’s not a guarantee that your music will be featured, instead it is a chance to be discovered if you’re confident that your music would be liked given the chance to find the correct audiences.

How much does Playlist Push cost?

The price for a Spotify campaign starts at $300 and depending on your budget and the reach you’re aiming to get, you can spend more than $1,000 on Playlist Push to be put in front of more curators. The average cost for a Spotify campaign on Playlist Push is $450.

The minimum cost for a TikTok campaign on Playlist Push is 500. It is not a cheap solution to music discovery and the price can easily put off artists who aren’t confident in the potential of the platform.

Should I use Playlist Push?

If you have a decent marketing budget for your new release and are confident in your music – but feel it needs a push to reach its potential audience – then Playlist Push can be a great resource to find new listeners. However, any artist signing up to the service needs to be aware that they are taking a risk and spending money does not guarantee features and that even then, a feature does not guarantee fans.