Image Credit: Spotify

Clips are a new visual feature coming to Spotify – video on songs and alongside albums, posted by artists, short-form and similar to TikToks.

The swift rise of short video on apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels has not gone unnoticed by Spotify. During the 2023 Stream On conference, alongside debuting a new app design for the Spotify Home feed that features full-screen previews of video and audio, Spotify also introduced Clips – short-form, vertical videos of 30 seconds or less.

You’ll see Clips attached to artist profiles on Spotify and also attached to albums and individual songs, making it easy to listen to the music straight after watching a Clip. Clips will also appear on Countdown Pages, another feature new for 2023.

Clips aren’t like Stories, and stay uploaded for as long as the artist chooses. Spotify says the idea is to give artists a new way to connect with fans over the long term, helping cut through the sea of noise on the platform. It’s not about viral moments, unlike TikTok, Spotify says, and music is the priority.

The videos are also a canny way to keep fans on the Spotify app rather than heading to social media like TikTok for artist videos. Spotify says its developing new ways to put Clips in front of users on the Home Feed, Album Pages and artist profiles.

Artists upload the Clips directly to the Spotify for Artists platform. Thousands of artists have already been approved for Clips in beta and Spotify will roll out the feature out to others in the next few months.

For a step-by-step guide to uploading Clips on Spotify, click here:

Spotify has provided this page of resources where artists can learn more, as well as updates for users as the rollout continues through Spring 2023.

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