Image Credit: Spotify

Does Spotify have video now? Yes, after a redesign and the announcement of Clips on Spotify it definitely does, in a big way.

For the first time, the Spotify mobile design has been radically changed. Short video previews will transform the Spotify Home feed into a more interactive TikTok-like experience.

Discovery has always been one of Spotify’s strongest achievements, and changes to the mobile app take this to a whole new level. Previews of content Spotify thinks you’ll like are shown as 30-second video clips on separate feeds on the Spotify homepage for Music, Podcasts, and Audiobooks.

The feed has been in the works for a while, with rumours of Spotify tests back in 2021. Users can scroll until they find something that catches both the eye and the ear and tap to listen in full or find out more.

In the feeds for Music, Podcasts, and Audiobooks you’ll see visual and audio previews of albums, songs and playlists, episodes of podcasts, and audiobooks, along with cards showcasing artists and podcasts. Some previews are laid out like Stories. Tap and you’ll be taken to the page in question.

The Search feed also has short Canvas clips of tracks you can scroll through. Previews are also available for playlists like Release Radar and New Music Friday. Meanwhile, new Spotify Clips on artist pages allow artists to post short videos giving fans behind-the-scenes information about their songs and plans for the future.

Other features unveiled at Spotify’s Stream On conference included Smart Shuffle for playlists and Countdown Pages for artists to push pre-saves in the run up to release day.

Before everyone starts shouting too loudly about Spotify becoming TikTok, its worth noting that while the emphasis is on continuously scrolling, the idea is to follow the preview through to the main page to discover more about the content. This differs from endlessly flicking through and consuming content whilst locked onto one feed like the TikTok experience.

What do you make of the Spotify redesign? Too TikTok for you, or not TikTok enough? Sound off in the comments.

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