What alternatives are there to Tunecore music distribution?

Tunecore are one of the top choices for artists to get their music out there but there are plenty of alternatives that might suit you better depending on your situation.


RouteNote offers you the choice of Free or Premium distribution which you can switch between at any time depending on how much revenue you think your music will earn.

For Free: you can distribute to all our partner stores and services which includes all of the top music streaming services and download stores in the world as well as another unique services opening opportunities for your music’s reach. Free users keep 85% of all the earnings their music makes.

Premium: All the benefits of worldwide distribution that you get for free and you keep 100% of the revenue your music makes. A great choice for artists who know their music is going to get lots of plays and downloads.


RouteNote Premium$10 then $9.99 a year after the first year

TuneCore$9.99 a year


RouteNote Premium$20 then $9.99 a year after the first year

TuneCore$29.99 then $49.99 a year after the first year


RouteNote Premium$30 then $9.99 a year after the first year

TuneCore$29.99 then $49.99 a year after the first year

As you can see, you can make a huge saving whilst earning 100% of your musics streaming and download revenues by choosing RouteNote.

For a more in depth comparison of all the services both Tunecore and RouteNote offer read here.


DistroKid are a good choice for many if there are only a few specific services that artists want to get their music on. For distribution to select services they can be a good price but a lot of the extra features that come all included with other distributors cost extra hidden fees with DistroKid.

They offer a basic subscription for unlimited song uploads that is $19.99 a year under 1 band/artist name. Two upload 2 different artist/band names and have extra customisation it costs $35.99 a year.

There is then a label speciality tier that costs $79.99 a year for up to 100 artist/band names.

This makes it harder to do a direct comparison as DistroKid arranges their distribution quite uniquely but depending on the number of artists/names you want to distribute DistroKid may well be better value than Tunecore for your releases.

For an in-depth comparison between RouteNote and Distrokid head here.

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