According to a recent press release from the company, Songkick currently help 175m fans find concerts of their favourite artists near them.

The concert discovery service helps users track their favourite artists playing gigs near them. Acquired by Warner Music Group in 2017, the service very nearly shutdown later that year due to pressures from Ticketmaster and Live Nation. Despite this, two and a half years later, Songkick is thriving today.

A recent press release from the company appointing Alexey Blinov as VP, Technology revealed the following:

Blinov joined Songkick in 2014 as a software developer and since then helped evolve the platform that helps 175 million music fans annually track their favourite artists, discover concerts and buy tickets with confidence.

Songkick – Press Release

Blinov’s promotion sees him taking over from Aaron Randall who’s leaving the company. He’ll help develop virtual live events in the absence of shows and festivals during the pandemic.

My team is working hard to help build a virtual live business that’ll help artists make up some of the income they’re losing in the absence of shows and festivals. It’s vital work for the future of the artist community, and the wider music business.

Songkick – Press Release