How does music distribution work?

Music distributors, such as RouteNote, take the complications and stress out of navigating the online music world as an independent artist.

How to upload a song to Spotify

Getting your music onto Spotify is super easy with RouteNote and more importantly FREE!

What alternatives are there to Tunecore music distribution?

Tunecore are one of the top choices for artists to get their music out there but there are plenty of alternatives that might suit you better depending on your situation. RouteNote RouteNote offers you the…

Best Music Distribution Services

RouteNote is a free music distribution service that allows artists and labels from all over the world to get their music uploaded and distributed to the worlds largest online music stores and streaming services. Here…

Advantages of digital distribution II

There are a few online music distribution companies out there, each professing it’s service and it’s model to be the cheapest and the best: what you need to do is figure out which of them…