Following this years partnership with Spotify, Waze have been guiding your journey with music streaming all the way and now it’s come to iOS.

In March this year Waze, a navigation app owned by Google, teamed up with Spotify to integrate their music streaming player into their app. This meant you could easily listen and browse your music whilst following directions to your destination. Having been Android exclusive since, iOS users can rejoice as the integration comes to Apple devices.

Now with Waze on iOS you can start navigating your journey straight from the Spotify app. If you’re inside the Waze app, with Spotify integration you can easily play your music and pop a mini player up at any time above the map by tapping the small Spotify icon. Then, all directly from the Waze app, you can play/pause, skip tracks or go back, and more. Once at a complete stop you can easily tap to switch straight between the two apps.

It’s a great introduction for Spotify listeners as it allows them to keep track of their music whilst also following directions from their phone without having to risk their safety by fiddling with their mobile. With a linked Spotify account, Waze can start playing your music library automatically when you set off or you can choose from your playlists (only whilst stopped for safety reasons).

Head of Waze in the UK, Finlay Clark said: “We are delighted to team up with Spotify to create a new function that allows iOS wazers to enjoy their favourite music, while being re-routed around traffic in real-time. Safety is our priority at Waze. By discouraging drivers from tapping their device to switch between apps while on the move, we believe this partnership presents a valuable way for drivers in the UK to use their favourite technologies whilst concentrating fully on the road ahead.”

iOS users can start taking advantage of the partnership today with the Waze and Spotify apps.