UnitedPlugins has announced the release of Retronaut, a multi-voice vibrato and chorus effect by JMG Sound.

Retronaut is a multi-voice vibrato and chorus effect with some nostalgic Lofi flavors and intuitive modulation controls for you to get lost in. In fact, UnitedPlugins state “Retronaut is a LoFi Nostalgia Machine that revives the amazing sound of the 80s.”

UnitedPlugins announce Retronaut

Retronaut is a new multi-voice vibrato and chorus effect plugin offering some exciting LoFi effects. UnitedPlugins states “[Retronaut] is inspired by old analog gear such as bucket brigade chips, tape cassettes, vinyl records, and voltage-controlled filters”.

Furthermore, at Retronaut’s core is modulation. UnitedPlugins state that “you can smoothly mix from a single vibrato voice up to 4” and get a rich chorus sound thanks to Retronaut’s multi-voice engine.

UnitedPlugins say you can add some LoFi nostalgia with the Degrade section too. The Degrade section gives you ingredients like warm dirt & grit, wow & flutter, dusty crinkles & crackles, and more.

Meanwhile, the Diverge section controls each of the voices independently and precisely by giving you controls for offsetting the voices in a number of ways. A as result, you can give your sound an evolving character with a bit of modulation. In practice, United Plugins says you can spread the voices across the stereo field, delay them, adjust their phase, and offset the LFO rate for each independently too.

In short, this means that the mix is continuously variable, meaning you can be as experimental and explore what sounds best between the voices while using automation that inspires all kinds of weird tones.

In fact, you can crossfeed each voice back into each other and create weird and wonderful feedback networks. And its analog-style high-pass and lowpass resonant filters (2/4-poles) give you more controls to shape your evolving sound as it becomes more complex with filter modulation made possible with the onboard LFO.

Furthermore, UnitedPlugins state that Retronaut’s engine is so flexible that you can dial back the “vibe” and use it with the other effects! As a result, Retronaut gives you a characterful, warm tape saturator that you can further shape the sound with.


Retronaut is available to buy now from the UnitedPlugins store for an introductory price of $24 instead of $89. It’s available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats on macOS with Apple Silicon support and Windows.

There is a 15-day free trial available on the website if you’d like to try it before you buy.

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