Qobuz USA launch was 4 years ago. How has the platform evolved since being the highest quality streaming music service in 2019?

French streaming service Qobuz specialises in providing lossless and hi-res audio, and when it launched in the US in 2019 it was the first hi-fi music streaming service in the country. Four years later, the US is Qobuz’ biggest market, and the company is looking back triumphantly on how this growth was achieved.

Aligning itself as a HIFI streaming service for real music lovers, one that respects the music on its platform, Qobuz offers PDF credits and booklets, lovingly curated playlists, and editorial features like Panoramas which are deep dives into songs, labels, and music periods.

Looking back over the past four years, the streaming company revealed some new interesting stats on how Qobuz has grown in the USA. Last year there was a 38% increase in subscribers along with a 17% increase in download sales – proof that some people do still want to own their own music library.

Qobuz’ status as a leader in high-definition music streaming has been cemented by partnerships with audio and hardware brands like Bowers & Wilkins and becoming the official streaming partner of numerous high-end audio shows. There’s been events such as the Qobuz SXSW showcase and partnerships with Record Store Day.

The quality of streaming positions Qobuz as a more sophisticated product. As mentioned, Qobuz was the first streaming platform to bring hi-fi streaming to US consumers, something the company claims kick-started a Hi-Res revolution in music streaming. Amazon Music and Apple Music now offer HD streaming at no extra cost. Spotify’s promised high quality music tier is increasingly a sore point amongst consumers, conspicuous in its absence.

Alongside users, Qobuz has cultivated a fanbase of artists who prefer a more sophisticated vibe from their streaming provider. The most starry of these is Neil Young, who pulled his catalogue from Spotify in protest at Joe Rogan’s presence on the platform and has since been a proud fan of Qobuz – that’s down to the audio quality of songs on the platform. Qobuz also boasts exclusive projects from the likes of Zappa Records and Concord, along with partnerships with Wayne Coyne and Christian McBride.

Whilst other companies offering HIFI streaming without a price increase may have taken away from Qobuz’ USP, overall the positioning of Qobuz as a streaming service for the sophisticated listeners still holds up. And the company keeps expanding – Qobuz has also announced the service will soon be available in Canada.

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