Essene Plus is a new freeare synth with 5 oscillators, a multi-mode filter, modulators, and a few intuitive effects.

Ronan Fed has released Essence Plus, a free virtual subtractive synthesizer VST plugin for Windows computers. Essence Plus is a subtractive synthesizer packed with parameters and features in a busy yet easy-to-navigate user interface.

Introducing Essence Plus

Furthermore, Essence Plus gives you a total of five and three of which offer traditional analog waveforms. Then, you can blend in sub-oscillator signals as well as a noise oscillator (with its own stereo-width control). Meanwhile, the three main oscillators offer multiple voices – eight total voices of unison – and each even utilizes detune and stereo controls.

Additionally, you can utilize Essence Plus’ multi-mode filter that sounds clean with enough functionality to create expressive movement. For instance, the filter offers bandpass, lowpass, and highpass filters, so the Essence Plus filter does give you some options and flexibility. As for filter modulation, a prerouted filter envelope is available but you can also use one of the soft synths‘ two modulation envelopes or LFOs.

Meanwhile, both the filter envelope and amplitude envelopes give you a curve control for precise modulation control. And Essence Plus also gives you a number of effects too, including a chorus, delay, reverb, compression, and distortion.

Though Essence Plus’s user interface is a busy one, it is clean and offers lots of visual feedback. No, it’s not the most powerful free synth there is, but it is definitely one that deserves to be in your arsenal of software instruments.


Essence Plus is available now for free, but it’s only compatible with Windows. It’s available in VST and VST3 plugin formats for 64-bit clients, and Ronan Fed has not announced any plans for a Mac or Linux version.

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