Mogees Play is a device that connects to any object and turns it into an interactive tool for creating music, playing games, and much more.

Award winning music and tech company Mogees are back with a new product that transforms reality. Mogee Play is an ingenious, small smart sensor that detects vibrations to make everything you see interactive.

It works by plugging into a mobile or tablet, then you stick the sensor itself to whatever solid object you want from an apple to a table, or a bowl to a tree. Once connected you can use it with the 3 free apps Mogee have made:


Pulse is an addictive rhythm game with multiple levels which takes the player through varied genres of music, subtly teaching the basics of rhythm, timbre and velocity, from simple dance beats to more complex styles from around the world.


Jam lets you create the music you want, providing accessible tools for instantly building rhythms and loops using the acoustic properties of any object the Mogees Play device is attached to.


Keys lets you create melodies, arpeggios and chords. You can easily experiment with melodic sequences and a huge amount of harmonic variety through a simple note and mode selections. (iOS only)

The Mogees Play is similar to the Mogees Pro that they released last year. But whereas Mogees Pro was about intuitively making proper music using it like a MIDI controller, Mogees Play is more about having fun whilst learning the essentials of rhythm, timbres, melody, and velocity.

The Mogees Play is also cheaper than the Pro. It’s available currently on Mogees kickstarter page for a Super Early Bird price of £29. There are a load of other fantastic offers alongside that, including a bundle of the Mogees Play and Pro for just $110 – which is the full price cost of a Mogees Pro.