Spotify will make you a custom playlist for your journeys with OOO

Spotify’s new feature OOO, or Out Of Office, takes some information about your journeys to create a playlist tuned for your trip.

Going anywhere soon and looking for the perfect tunes to take you there? Spotify’s new Out Of Office website takes information from you about your trip to create a playlist they feel matches your journey.

To start with Spotify will ask you ‘Where in the world?’ are you going. You can choose from many of the world’s cities and countries, though smaller cities might not appear. Once you’ve entered your destination you’ll be asked to enter your work email and then you can choose what sort of trip you’re taking: Business or Pleasure.

Then you set the mood with a bar slider ranging from relaxation, middling in adventure, and ending at Party you set the tone of the playlist. Unfortunately there’s no option for if you’re having a relaxing party, or an adventurous relax.

Spotify music streaming custom playlists OOO out of office songs tracks

After that your playlist is ready. The tracks are chosen based on songs that are trending in the place you’re going to and refined by the mood and context of your trip. For example I chose a party trip to France (unfortunately not real) and was recommended a playlist with tracks like Heisenberg by Sadek and César by 40000 Gang. I have no idea what those tracks are but that’s half the fun!

Once you have your playlist and you’re happy with it you can either add it to Spotify or share it with others so they can get a taste of your trip in sonic form. You can even get a custom message created by Spotify with the dates of your trip and who’s covering you while you’re gone. You can edit the message as well if you think it’s boring using a “I’ll be here from now until then” template, which I’m afraid is in fact incredibly boring.

You can try it for yourself right now by heading to:

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