Join the MIDI Manufacturers Association and others explore the potential of the first update in 35 years to the world-famous music production tool.

2020 is the year that MIDI 2.0 updates the potential in digital music for the first time in nearly four decades. We’ve talked a lot about its upcoming implementation in new music equipment and is the potential new industry standard grows there’s a free webinar with the official MIDI association, MMA, next week.

On July 8th, 2020 at 12:00PM ET, you can tune in to join the MMA, Art+Logic, and Rock Paper Scissors discussing the development of the new standard and what it means for music production.

Speakers include Craig Anderton of the MMA, Athan Billias from Yamaha and the MMA, and Brett G. Porter from Art+Logic.

The original MIDI protocol led to a massive evolution in music: finally instruments and computers could talk to each other. It’s behind everything from the home recording boom to flying drones that light up the sky with synchronized LEDs.

MIDI was so ahead of its time, it has remained at the heart of music tech innovation for 40 years without a major update. What evolution will the new standard spark?

This webinar features many of the industry players who helped develop MIDI 2.0 with the cooperation of many of tech’s biggest companies (Google, Apple) and music tech companies (Yamaha, Roland). Find out why and how MIDI 2.0 was developed, what its new capabilities are, and what its future promises.

You can tune in for free by sending your RSVP here and gain access to the Zoom meeting (you will need a free or otherwise Zoom account to join).