Download IK Multimedia’s incredible distortion from their digital AmpliTube series for free but act quickly!

IK Multimedia have a real treat for you; whether you’re recording instruments straight into your DAW or want to add some grit to your digital sounds this is not to be missed.

Simply sign up to IK Multimedia’s newsletter to gain free access to this powerful distortion processor packed with 48 quality and face-melting amps, cabinets, stompboxes and pristine effects modules.

If you’re a guitarist then this is unmissable as you can shred to your hearts content with models of some of the best equipment in the world. Even the slightest bit of gain can transform the sound of both virtual and real instruments in the final mix.

AmpliTube Metal features extremely rare and collectible models of metal stompboxes, amp heads and cabinets, from the legendary, hard-to-find Japanese originals to classic British and American essentials, including models based on the ProCo RAT, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi, Digitech Whammy, several vintage BOSS effects, Randall Warhead, Peavey 5150™, Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier, and other great models of metal gear.

Follow these steps below to get AmpliTube Metal for free here:

  1. Sign up for the IK Multimedia newsletter here
  2. Go to your User Area to download your free AmpliTube 4 CS
  3. Go to the My Products section of your User Area to find your AmpliTube Metal serial number
  4. Install and authorize it by inserting its serial in the Authorization Manager
  5. Or if AmpliTube 4 is already installed and authorized, open the Custom Shop inside the AmpliTube section and do a Restore My Gear
  6. AmpliTube Metal gear will be unlocked and ready to be played inside of AmpliTube 4!  Enjoy.

Free gear will be available in the My Products section of your User Area to new and existing IK users logging in or creating an account for the first time after registration and joining our newsletter.  Promotion through July 15th, 2020.  Mac/PC only.  No substitutions or duplication if you already have the gear in this promotion.