DIY Till We Die: Blitzcat Records

In the final edition of our DIY Till We Die article series we chat to Blitzcat Records, a DIY label operating in London.

How Being An Independent Artist Allows You To Be More Creative

During our ‘DIY Till We Die’ article series we chatted to an array of independent artists, one thing that stood clear was that it allowed them total creative freedom.

DIY Till We Die: Beth Shalom Records

After getting an artists perspective on the DIY ethos we wanted to chat to some DIY labels, kicking things off is the London based Beth Shalom Records.

DIY Till We Die: Tempesst

We caught up with Psychedelic outfit Tempesst to discuss their DIY approach to their debut album, life as an independent artist and much more.

DIY Till We Die: Milo Gore

We caught up with South West based indie artist Milo Gore to chat about his experiences operating as an independent artist, his debut LP and much more.

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