Top 10 followed playlists on Spotify in 2021

Here are the ten most popular playlists around the world on Spotify as of June 2021.

These are the most liked playlists on Spotify around the world. All of the playlists are curated by Spotify’s editors.

1. Today’s Top Hits

Rauw Alejandro is on top of the Hottest 50!

28.5 million likes

2. Top 50 – Global

Your daily update of the most played tracks right now – Global.

16.1 million likes

3. RapCaviar

Music from Polo G, Migos and Nicki Minaj.

13.8 million likes

4. ¡Viva Latino!

Today’s top Latin hits are right here, on ¡Viva Latino! Cover: Bad Bunny

10.9 million likes

5. Baila Reggaeton

Today’s hottest reggaeton hits! Cover: Arcangel

10.2 million likes

6. Songs to Sing in the Car

Sing along and enjoy the drive…

9.7 million likes

7. All Out 00s

The biggest songs of the 2000s.

9.3 million likes

8. Rock Classics

Rock legends and epic songs that continue to inspire generations.

9.0 million likes

9. All Out 80s

The biggest songs of the 1980s.

8.6 million likes

10. Beast Mode

Get your beast mode on!

8.0 million likes

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