Image Credit: PlaylistAI

Spotify has previously introduced AI-driven features like DJ X which tailors music recommendations based on individual listening habits. Now, Spotify is testing a new AI Playlist feature which builds playlists based on text prompts.

Is it time to say goodbye to the days of manually building extravagant playlists for the shower? Spotify is harnessing artificial intelligence to generate personalized playlists based on user-provided text prompts.

Spotify AI Playlist – your time, your vibe

Available exclusively to Premium subscribers in the United Kingdom and Australia during its beta testing phase, Spotify’s new AI playlist feature is accessible through Spotify’s mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Spotify emphasizes that the AI Playlist feature has limited availability and functionality as it remains in beta.

Have a vibe in mind? Articulate that into text, press enter, and listen. Whether you’re looking for “relaxing music to unwind after a long day” or something more specific (or vague), Spotify’s new AI tool uses your prompts as a reference to curate a selection of tracks tailored to your theme.

To access the AI Playlist tool, navigate to the ‘Your Library’ section within the Spotify app, tap the ‘+’ button and select ‘AI Playlist.’ From there, enter your text prompt and Spotify’s AI algorithms will work their magic.

Typically, your generated playlist will consist of 30 carefully chosen songs that align with your prompt. The adaptability and responsiveness of Spotify’s AI Playlist also provide the flexibility to refine and edit your playlists with additional prompts, such as requesting “more upbeat tracks” or specifying preferred genres.

Although Spotify’s AI Playlist feature is exclusive to Premium subscribers in Australia and the UK, the company intends to expand its availability and functionality over time. As more users make use of the feature, this feedback will give Spotify the information they need to refine and optimize the tool.

Right now, the tool doesn’t accept prompts related to non-music topics like current events or specific brands, and measures are also in place to prevent offensive prompts.

Recently, Spotify also launched its Miniplayer for desktop so you can control your music without jumping between programs.